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Exceptional Vehicle Like new condition throughout. Exterior and interior show no signs of wear. Immaculate condition. Paint and trim have shine and luster No mechanical defects. Belts and hoses like new. Engine compartment shows like new. Tires show little wear. Mileage is below average. Vehicle must pass Emission Test and have a clean title.
Clean Vehicle Shows average wear and tear. Paint is still glossy with a few minor scratches. Interior shows minimal wear. May need some reconditioning. No expensive mechanical problems. Tires have above average tread. Average mileage. Vehicle must pass Emission Test and have a clean title.
Average Vehicle Vehicle usually has cosmetic issues that generally require a considerable amount of reconditioning. Paint and interior show signs of wear and age. Mechanical problems need attention. Tires are still usable. Vehicle must pass Emission Test and have a clean title.
Rough Vehicle This vehicle has mechanical and appearance issues. It needs repairs on the exterior and interior. There may be expensive reconditioning costs. The vehicle will tend to need repairs in order to pass the Emission Test. There is a clean title.
Damaged Vehicle This vehicle has major mechanical, cosmetic and safety issues. It is classified as an unsafe running vehicle. Vehicle may have a title branded as salvage, flood, frame damage etc. Other tags could be Lemon Law, Taxi, Police or Fleet. Vehicle may require extensive repairs to pass Emission Test and Inspection.
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